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Ace Laboratory Services

ACE Laboratory Services in Bendigo offers a complete laboratory testing service to the pig and poultry industries. ACE is registered as a Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory in the state of Victoria and is a participant in ANQAP. We offer testing direct to farmers as well as veterinarians.

The laboratory offers a wide range of testing services, including biochemistry, haematology, general health, mineral status testing, parasitology, microbiological tests and feed mineral testing.

Postal Address 
ACE Laboratory Services
PO Box 6101
White Hills, Vic 3550 ACE

Laboratory Address
Laboratory Services
Lot 3, Gildea Lane
Bendigo Vic 3550

For any enquiries please contact Aileen, Lincoln or Rachel;

Phone +61 (0) 3 5443 9665
Fax +61 (0) 3 5443 9669
e-mail: info@acelabservices.com.au

For more information: Ace Laboratory Sevices